Our Approach

In this busy world, we understand the need for help in deciding which products are the best for a certain need. As someone who grew up using Cliff Notes for reading assignments, I appreciate concise, accurate assistance when there just isn’t the time to do the research yourself. For this reason, we have committed to doing the research and practical application for you in order to help everyone better determine which products are best for their specific needs.

Our Story

page by page designsEvery business has a beginning, mine began when moving into my first apartment. I spent countless hours researching the best bed frames, soap dispensers, paper towel holders, frames, and every other household or decor item you can imagine. Hours and hours spent online and in stores, wishing someone had done this before and can help. So, here I am. Sharing all of the knowledge I’ve gained through my home design and upkeep with everyone else, so they don’t waste countless hours when there are so many other pressing issues we face every day.

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